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New MSI Installers for select HeavenWord CD-ROM products:

Note: These MSI Installers requires your original HeavenWord Audio Bible CD-ROM(s) and will install the audio files to the hard drive. If you do not have your original CD-ROM(s) this MSI-Installers will not complete the install.

HeavenWord Audio Bible:

King James Version

New American Standard Version

New International Version

New King James Version

The Message

HeavenWord Childrens Bible

HeavenWord Childrens Bible

HeavenWord GreekMaster

HeavenWord GreekMaster

Program Updates for 32bit Windows Systems Only:

Lightning Study Bible

Lightning Study Bible Program Update 32bit

Stories for Preachers & Teachers

Stories for Preachers & Teachers Program Update 32bit

Installing older Lightning and Stories for Preachers & Teachers products on newer 64bit systems:

The 64bit versions of Windows will not execute any 16bit based software. While some of our programs are available in 32bit versions, all use 16bit installers. (Ironically, this was to afford maximum compatibility with older systems.) This makes it impossible to install on the 64bit versions of Windows as those versions of Windows will not run our installers. For XP and Vista, the best solution is to download and install Microsoft's Virtual PC software, which will allow you to run a 32bit environment inside your 64bit Windows system. This 32bit system can then install and run our software. This link will take you to Microsoft's site for this Microsoft download. Check the system specifications, but it works with most 64bit versions of Windows. You will likely find this Virtual PC solution will also help you with other programs you have or may acquire in the future.

Windows 7 offers a free XP Compatibility Mode for the Professional and Ultimate versions of Win7 only. If you have these versions, install the XP Compatability Mode and then install your program under XP Compatability Mode.

If the above does not provide your solution, and you have access to a 32bit version of Windows, then we recommend the following manual work-around. If you are not comfortable with copying files and folders, we recommend you ask someone who is comfortable to spend 10-15 minutes doing this for you.

1. Install the program to the 32bit machine.

1.a. Note the folder where the program is installed. (Usually this is under the C:\Program Files\HeavenWord, Inc\ folder.)

1.b. Install any updates. (Note: You must install a the program updates to ensure you have the newer 32bit versions of the program installed.)

1.c. Check to make sure the 32bit updated program operates on the older machine.

2. Copy the program folder (and all files and subfolders) from the 32bit machine to a USB "thumb" drive or similar media.

3. Copy the program folder (and all files and subfolders) from the USB "thumb" drive to the exact same folder name on the Win7 machine.

4. Manually set up the menu and/or desktop shortcuts to the 32bit updated program. (Inspect the properties of the shortcuts on the 32bit machine if unsure which files to target with the shortcut.)

This should get you up and running.

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